Book Review: Small Print by GJ Scobie

untitled (3)Small Print by GJ Scobie

“Small print is a collection of stories that delve into a bleak future, where humanities reliance on technology is absolute. An over dependency on artificial intelligence, leads in many cases to the catastrophic downfall for those innocent individuals caught up in a society that believes machines can do no wrong. As we become more connected via computers, we disconnect in many respects from what separates us as humans; isolation, loneliness, paranoia and a loss of control are the by-products which result. These stories highlight different aspects of those themes. ”

Approximately 34 pages


Small print is a unique collection of stories that deal with the dark side of technology and the dehumanizing effect it has on us. Each of the four stories has it is own twist in the tale, making it an ingenious read.

I loved how the author took the space opera setting and turned it into something innovative and darkly disturbing. Often thought provoking, his spin on how technology shapes us and manipulates us without even realizing is a concept that is not only contemporary but truly frightening. It is also a prophetic collection of tales, because we can see where it all begins- now, in our daily lives with our heavy reliance on computers- and we are powerless to stop it; In fact, we actively encourage it.

Very enjoyable and easy reading, with plenty of twists and turns I didn’t see coming. This is cutting edge sci-fi for the new millennium and a highly recommended read.


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