Book Review: Narrow doors by Christopher Long

untitled (7)Kensington Gore’s Hammered Horror presents: Christopher Long’s Narrow Doors

“Kensington Gore presents an instant Hammered Horror classic. The Narrow Doors is a tale that proves that sometimes you should leave the past buried, because every so often something will claw its way up and come after you.

They say the deepest wounds are cut by those closest to us. Laura Welles never met her real parents. When she receives a letter from a solicitor telling her that they have something of interest for her concerning her mother, old wounds are torn open. Then a horrifying truth begins to reveal itself. A truth that will change her in ways she could never imagine.

Are you ready to step through The Narrow Doors?

The Narrow Doors is the third horror novella by acclaimed writer Christopher Long, and is his best to date. He will shock you and scare you in equal measure. ”


A girl from nothing, receives a mysterious letter from a solicitor about her natural mother. Although, she had a good life with her foster parents, the call of her blood line was a mystery Laura needs to solve.

Learning the truth of why she was taken into care, Laura can not believe it because she has no memory of it. Haunted by dreams, which may be latent memories or an over active imagination- she contacts the solicitor. Laura starts to rapidly change at an alarming rate; as if almost possessed.

“The Narrow doors” is a tale that is almost charming and yet un-nerving at the same time. It is a thought provoking novella that made me wonder about nature verses nurture. Chris Long presents a story, that you think is fairly ordinary and lends his trademark macabre twist. He takes the everyday and exposes the chilling dark side just under the surface. His novellas are darkly addictive and very memorable, and this new instalment is certainly memorable.


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