Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

untitled (6)Guardians of the Galaxy

Review by David Smith

The place on the north-east coast which the reader is asked to consider is Skegness. It’s a town which seems to be famous for those on holiday seeking amusement and diversion and the other week I went for a day trip with my place of work. Having walked through the town I realised there wasn’t really much to the place as it seemed to consist of an endless profusion of fish and chip shops, amusement arcades and shops selling a wide variety of tooth rotting, waistline expanding, diet buggering sweets and ice creams. And rain. Lots and lots of rain. So much rain I was surprised that one half of the local populace weren’t employed building a big wooden boat while the other half went round collecting two of every animal.

Normally, if I’m visiting a place I don’t know and the weather is wetter than kipper’s swimming costume, I’ll seek out a pub and have a couple of drinks while waiting for the rain to blow over but Skegness seemed to only have 3 pubs in the centre and they were all full of adults and ankle biters so I decided on plan B which was to go to the cinema.

As I mentioned Skegness has a profusion of fish and chips shops and places selling sugary foods but it should be famous for the Tower Cinema which opened in 1926 and has one of the most wonderful interiors you could hope to find in a cinema. The ground floor is a typical amusement arcade with penny falls but if you buy a ticket at the tiny box office and head upstairs, you’ll find the cinema. It only has 2 screens but because Skegness is so far from the nearest multiplex cinema, it manages to keep going (for which I am grateful even yet).

Once you get through the door, you’ll find yourself in what is my idea of a small, independent cinema. The screens have the kinds of seats, projection and sound systems that you find in a modern multiplex cinema which is another reason why the cinema keeps going as it doesn’t have the taint of being a tatty old fleapit which no one can be bothered to restore.

Having seen Guardians of the Galaxy, I was happy to report that the sun was shining and I managed to enjoy the rest of the day (and had some very nice fish and chips and ice cream and candy floss – I may be keeping a food diary and lost 9 stone in 2 years but I can still have edible fun every now and then).

Oh and by the way. Guardian of the Galaxy is one of the best films and I’ve seen all year (and has a great soundtrack) and should be seen in a cinema, although you don’t have to go all the way to Skegness to enjoy it.



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