Book Review: Fairy by Shane McKenzie

untitled (21)cover51325-small

Fairy by Shane McKenzie

Cecilia will do anything to have a baby. Anything.

Cecilia has tried everything to have the one thing she wants most—a baby. She’s been through every procedure, taken every medication. Nothing seems to work. Her body simply refuses to grow the life she so desperately yearns for. Her jealousy is making her lash out at the pregnant women around her. She’s starting to worry about her sanity.

But all is not lost. There is still one way. And Cecilia will do whatever it takes.

Even if it means inviting an ancient creature into her bedroom.”


Cecilia is a desperate Midwife who would do anything for a baby of her own. Everyday is tormented by having to deliver other people’s babies, while knowing she will never feel life kick from inside her. To make matters worse, her husband Frank has left her some time ago and is left with the lonely option of IV treatment from a donor.

Her desperation quickly unhinged her and she tries to summon a Fairy to impregnate her.

This novella was truly macabre, and is definitely shows that Fairies aren’t the Tinkerbell like things you think they are. It is a very dark tale with a twist in the end you will not see coming.



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