Book Review: A beautiful madness by Lee Thompson

untitled (17)A beautiful madness by Lee Thompson

“A Texas Senator and his wife go missing…On the same day, their son is slaughtered by an enigmatic killer on the lawn of ex-Governor Edward Wood’s residence. Sammy, Wood’s drug dealing son, suspects his father of the crime. After all, his old man snapped once before and crippled his wife with a lead pipe. But there’s something more to these events…something deeper and festering just beneath the surface…

In direct opposition to Homicide Detective Jim Thompson, Sammy begins an investigation of his own, searching for the truth in a labyrinth of lies, deception, depravity and violence that drags him deeper into darkness and mayhem with each step. And in doing so, brings them all into the sights of an elusive and horrifying killer who may not be what he seems.

A brutal killer on a rampage of carnage…a hardened detective on the brink…an antihero from the shadows…a terrifying mystery that could destroy them all…

A Beautiful Madness, the harrowing new novel of dark crime and suspense from Lee Thompson. ”

“A Beautiful madness” is a compelling crime thriller novel by DarkFuse. It is a multi-layered tale with inter connecting stories – that all come together brilliantly. It is exceptionally written with vivid details and edgy dialogue.

Lee Thompson creates a gritty noir mystery with three dimensional characters that will keep you hooked until the end. The interjection of horror with a crime thriller, makes “A Beautiful madness” an unforgettable novel and a must read.


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