Book Review: Creed by James Herbert

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Visit the James Herbert’s official website for more information on his works.

untitled (10)Creed by James Herbert

“Joseph Creed is a paparazzo, one of that un-illustrious band of photographers whose sole purpose in life is to chase and harass celebrities for candid shots, preferably of the seedier kind. Creed, himself, is a sleaze of the first order, but good at his job; nothing will stop him getting the right shot. He’s a coward, a liar and a would-be blackmailer. He’s also a womaniser and a divorcee. He looks a little like the actor Mickey Rourke (and is aware of it). After the funeral ceremony of a major Hollywood actress, he photographs a man of ravaged appearence desecrating the grave. Creed himself is observed and there follows a series of horrific events designed to intimidate him into handing over the film. The person he has photographed bears a remarkable resemblance to a man hanged in the 1930s for murder and the mutilation of children. Creed eventually discovers his antagonists are the Fallen Angels of Europe, whose origins can be traced to Biblical sources. Their powers are waning, the centuries and the evil they have perpetrated have taken their toll. The demons are weary. Creed finds them in an old folk’s rest home…”

Review by April Furst


Joe Creed is not likeable at first – he is a sort of slow burn. Although, at the start of the book he does claim to be a self-confessed scum bag; however, his later actions proves differently.

James Herbert is still the undisputed King of British horror and his books are a British institution. Although, I do not think this is one of his best books – I am comparing this book to the whole of his works but that in no way invalidates “Creed”’s merit.

“Creed” is a macabre psychological horror with the right blend of creepy and disturbing. It is uniquely British and it is one book that highlights Herbert’s pithy and refreshing writing style.

“Creed” is fast paced and hooks you right in on the first page. There is plenty of sleight of hand and double dealings to keep you guessing.

Joe Creed, paparazzi- inadvertently snaps off a few pictures he shouldn’t have had at an old starlets funeral. What he sees, kicks off a macabre adventure. The supernatural powers that be, wants Joe’s negatives and pictures at any cost.

Cally appears as a casual acquaintance just as the  relentless supernatural attacks start. Joe ignores the requests for the pictures until they kidnap his son. He finds he needs to trust Cally, but everything about her is dubious.

Quickly plunged into a world of the occult and demon worshipping, Creed will do anything to get his son back.

Herbert often uses sex as a tool of psychological warfare- and this books no different. Sex is used to confuse and distract Creed, and even used as a method to have him spiral down into madness.

Newly re-issued by Pan Macmillan in paperback and e-book editions, after James Herbert’s passing some years ago. There is no reason why you shouldn’t rediscover James Herbert and see for yourself why he is a legend.



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