Book Review: Ceremony of flies by Kate Jonez

dfuntitled (8)

Ceremony of flies by Kate Jonez

“Two petty criminals find themselves inextricably linked when a stop at a roadside bar leads to murder.

On the run and out of options, they reluctantly rescue a stranded boy and his dog from a lonely crossroads in the Mojave desert and decide for the first time in their lives to do the right thing.

But this one selfless act unleashes a terrifying onslaught of demonic trouble as they struggle to save the boy—and themselves—from an evil far greater than they ever imagined”

untitled (9)****

A novel of 232 approx. pages

Talk about a series of unfortunate events. One bizarre mishap sends Emily on a journey of carnage threw the desert, on what slowly becomes Route 666.

On their journey, they pick up a lost child – Harvey, who is decidedly creepy and often spews bizarre prophecies. Whether or not he is an actual child or some sort of harbinger of doom, is left up to your imagination to decide.

Chapters are prefaced with information pertaining to the up coming chapter and contains interesting factoids that lend background history to the events and locations.

The writing style is taut and gritty, giving you the sense of urgency and disorientation that Emily and Rex felt as they as they faced one horror after the other.

Ceremony of flies is a fast paced horror thrill ride that never stops twisting and turning. As soon as you think you know what is going on, you find out that nothing is as it seems. The eerie bleakness never stops until the end. Not only is it the end for Emily and Rex, but possibly the end of the world, as Emily and Rex witness first hand the start of a biblical apocalypse.

I thoroughly enjoyed this creepy horror tale and will be looking into other Kate Jonez books.

One thing is for sure, I will never be able to hear the droning of flies without feeling a sense of dread ever again.


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