Book Review: Chronicles of Light and Shadow by Liesel Schwarz- Parts 2 & 3

cover50151-smallA Clockwork heart by Liesel Schwarz

The honeymoon is over…
A plague of clockwork zombies is afflicting London, and as more people mysteriously disappear, so grows the panic.
For Eleanor Chance, she is still figuring out her abilities as the oracle, and how to keep the dark designs of the Shadow realm at bay.
But then Marsh, her newly-wed husband, is abducted. Can she save him from the fate of a clockwork heart before it’s too late?
Book two in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series, from the award-winning author of A Conspiracy of Alchemists.”


Picking up where “A Conspiracy of Alchemists” leaves off,” A clockwork heart” is slightly darker than the previous book but just as delicious. Set in a Steampunk world with magical creatures – some good and some evil. Eleanor’s adventures continue to save her husband and battles clockwork zombies- how cool is that?

Chronicles of Light and Shadow is a great series, that keeps getting better as the books go on. I suggest you read the first book “A Conspiracy of Alchemists” first, this series does need to be read in order so you don’t miss out.

If you are new to Steampunk or just fancy a swashbuckling read, then this series is a great place to start. It isn’t all dirigibles and corsets- it is a fast paced adventure with plenty of intrigue. Eleanor Chance is sassy, clever and kick-ass. She is everything you would expect from Lara Croft in a Steampunk setting.


cover50160-smallSky Pirates by Liesel Schwarz

Whatever it takes.
Eleanor Chance has made it her mission to find her husband who has been cursed to roam the netherworld.
But her plans are scuppered when a band of sky pirates attack, led by a man hell-bent on revenge. And rumour has it the Council of Warlocks has fallen under the sway of the nefarious Shadow Master – who wants her dead at any cost.
Being chased from all sides, Elle will have to channel all of her powers as the Oracle to try to save the man she loves…”

“Book three in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series, from the award-winning author of A Conspiracy of Alchemists.”


This series gets more exciting as the books go on. This time even darker than the previous books in the series. Leaping from clockwork zombies to sky pirates, the action never ceases.

Eleanor Chance battles everyone as she no longer has anywhere to turn. She is now the target for the Shadow Master, as “Sky Pirates” turns it up a notch from previous books. The action and the magic are non-stop as Eleanor kicks-ass all over the place.

A thrilling new edition from a series that I thought could not improve on the last the book. I can not wait to see if there is a fourth book because I don’t want the Chronicles of Light and Shadow series to end.

You can’t mention this series without mentioning the gorgeous the artwork on the cover. It is the perfect embodiment of what Steampunk is all about. This series is not to be missed. If you never read Steampunk before, this is the perfect entry point to an exciting and stylish genre.




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