Book Review: Kensington Gore’s Twisted Tales #6: Seasoning of the Witch


seasonKensington Gore’s Twisted Tales: #6 Seasoning of the Witch by Kensignton Gore and K.A. Hambly

“There is only room for one witch in this town, and a Halloween cookery competition might just be the perfect arena for these two lifelong adversaries to have their showdown.

Cauldron Cove is a small town in America. Where Selena, and Morrigan, bitter rivals since their college days at C.O.W, ‘College of Witches,’ enter a television Halloween baking competition, each determined to get one up on the other.

They discover they both have a crush on the show’s swarve narcissistic presenter, Daniel Glover. Trying to impress him with their culinary ability, they set about sabotaging each other’s recipes and chances of winning the baking competition. But, things don’t go as they had planned. Selena discovers that Morrigan has been harbouring a secret involving an old flame, and things in this bewitching twisted tale, from horror legend Kensington Gore and great young writer K.A. Hambly, turns spellbinding live on air. “


May the best witch win…

Seasoning of the Witch is a delightful surreal story about a Witch, Selina. Selina is a culinary witch that bakes up trouble and wacky situations. Morrigan is her nemesis and tries to thwart Selina’s every move.

As over the top as “Bewitched” was, Seasoning of the witch is just as hilarious. Cauldron Cove is the setting for a competitive bake off and duelling witches. This novella has so much personality of its own that I wished it was a full length novel.

Not since the late great Roald Dahl has there been such a variety of truly bizarre and glorious tales. This is book number six in the series, but each tale is a stand alone. You can either read in order or pick and choice which tale inspires you. I am starting from the beginning with what is soon to be my favourite series.


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