Book Review: The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar

ahidden The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar

Release date: May 22nd, 2014

When a country life dream turns into a nightmare . . .

Hannah Riley and her musician husband, Will, hope that a move to the Suffolk countryside will promise a fresh start.

Hannah, a human rights worker, is desperate for a child and she hopes that this new life will realise her dream.

Yet when the snow comes, Will is working in London and Hannah is cut off in their remote village. Life in Tornley turns out to be far from idyllic, who are the threatening figures who lurk near their property at night? And why is her neighbour so keen to see them leave? Plus Will’s behaviour is severely testing the bonds of trust.

Hannah has spent her professional life doing the right thing for other people. But as she starts to unbury a terrible crime, she realises she can no longer do that without putting everything she’s ever wanted at risk.

But if she does nothing, the next victim could be her . . . “




Even though it is not said- you sense something is off with Hannah and Will; as if there is some sort of sadness they are alluding to. Their damaged relationship trickles down into everything they touch; tainting it with a kind of residual misery.

Hannah creates and atmosphere of tension as she tries to complete the house on a unobtainable time frame.

A snow storm isolates Hannah and she becomes increasingly hyper- sensitive. Is it her imagination, or are the weird sounds and open cupboards a sinister trick of her imagination or the work of hidden vagrant?

As the snow thaws they meet the other inhabitants of the hamlet; as expected there are all a bit odd.

Elvie, their neighbour and who is suspected to have learning difficulties- attached herself to Hannah.

are some incredible developments in this taunt psychological drama. I did not see the end coming. I highly recommend The hidden girl.


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