TV Review: In the Flesh


In case you missed this show the first time around, there is still time for you to catch up before Series 2 begins in May. In the UK, the first series is being shown on BBC Three and there are 6 more days to view on the BBC’s iPlayer.

In the Flesh is BBC Three’s teen zombie offering. Slightly different from other zombie genre shows, as In the Flesh centres around Kieren and after the zombie apocalypse. When the dust finally settled whatever zombies were left were rounded up and rehabilitated through medication and conditioning.

fleshmemeRather than dwelling on rampaging zombies eating their way through the country; this show is more of a family drama. They even politically corrected the word zombie and they are now called “Partially deceased syndrome” sufferers.

Once they were rehabilitated, they were sent home with contact lenses and some heavy-duty cover up make up. Not many people were happy about the PDS returning. Neighbours who lost loved ones in the rising are justifiably hostile and suspicious.

Towns and cities are split down the middle. It is made black and white what side you are on and the factions of Human Volunteer force, make sure they stir the pot of disharmony. Kieren’s sister is already a part of the militant “HVF” and tries very hard to come to terms with the loss of her brother and his return in a PDS state.

flesh3Amy, Kieren’s zombie hunting partner in crime and fellow rehabilitated PDS suffer, seeks him out. Just as he was settling in a semi-normal life; Amy returns and he has to pick sides. It doesn’t help that Amy refuses to wear make-up and prefers her zombie like appearance.

There is so much more going on below the surface of his erstwhile zombie show. It delves into loss, tolerance, teen homosexuality, parental acceptance, suicide and self-forgiveness. Not forgetting to mention there are some pretty vicious zombie flash backs as well.

There are few twists and turns throughout this very short series of just 3 episodes. Also, there is a slightly sinister thread with the “Undead Prophet” story arc, that series one only touched on. I hope series two focuses more on the rising and the Undead Prophet, because crying around the dinner table is getting a bit old now.

The Walking Dead it is not, but it is entirely British, with its subject matter and a subtle approach to emotional turmoil.

Unfortunately the BBC has decided to scale back its programs and BBC Three will disappear from television screens within the next few years. The BBC said it will have a new life as internet only but we shall see. BBC Three has come up with some great shows in its short life- Being Human, Gavin and Stacey, Orphan Black, and the Fades, just to name a few. Is this the death of Televsion as we know it? Only time will tell. But for now we can enjoy In the Flesh before the second series starts.



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