Article: How to travel in time

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How to travel in time

There are many debates on how to time travel- if it is even possible. Since we live in a time where a flux capacitor doesn’t really exist, we have to make do with other methods. My favourite is the “Christopher Reeve method”. This method was used in the film “Somewhere in time”. Unlike the film- with this method you can not psychically go there – but rather in spirit.

Mediate and clear your mind. First, you need to go to your happy place. Ideally your happy place should look like the Star Trek holo-deck on the Enterprise before the program loads. For non-geeks, a plain room with no window and uniform in colour.

rodtaylotIn the room there is a chair. It could be a recliner or a captain’s chair, as long as there is a place for a control panel. An alternative is Rod Taylor’s ultra-steampunk “Time Machine” from the film of the same name. Which ever you prefer, the controls have to be programmable to a specific dates and times.

Now you have your comfy chair all set and you are relaxed; imagine a movie screen coming down in front of you. On that screen is the scene of where you would like to visit. Concentrate on your scene. This will take a lot of practice before you get it right. Remember, even if you do get it right you will only be able to “remote view”.

tardis“Remote Viewing” is the ability to penetrate the illusion of time and it allows you to experience time as a single simultaneous event. The consequences of a non-linear time, enables you to visit the past, present and future. If you get confused, just think of Doctor Who and the Tardis.

There are dangers to this method. Once you are in this vulnerable state, you are open to psychic attacks. These attacks can come from other time travellers when you invade their territory. When you have stopped laughing Experts claim that the most effective tool in psychic attacks is the “Mirror technique”. That is when you hold up a mirror to your attacker and it reflects the bad ju-ju back to the gorgon (or attacker). Sorry, it all went very Clash of Titans on me for a moment.

deviceIf that wasn’t bizarre enough for you, it will get weirder- I promise. It was rumoured that after Nikola Tesla’s death in 1943, they found time travel devices in his apartment. From how they describe how it works- it does sound like a device that creates a vortex like worm hole.

That discovery lead to Project Pegasus, a secret government program. It is slightly similar to the film “The Philadelphia experiment”. The difference being, rather than using Military personnel for the experiments, they used children. They claimed that children has an amazing ability to adapt to the rigours of moving back and forth in time.

Despite of all of this, the only definitive proof we have, is a few pictures of a Nicolas Cage’s Civil war look a like and letters found in a coffee shop. The letters are from a time traveller named Dave stuck in the year 2013.


You have to read the whole saga, it is quite funny and reminds me of those letters you would find in the classroom desks in High school. Usually those letters were messages or written conversations that random people answered on paper and shoved back in the desk- like a pre-internet chat room.

Marilyn Monroe in the film "Niagara" -1953

The internet is full of stories about time travellers. My favourite one is about Hakan Nordkvist, a man who discovered a time vortex under his sink. One day he went under his sink to fix a leak and was sucked into a time vortex. When he crawled out on the other side, he met his future self. What did he do with all this new information? He took a picture of himself with himself and posted it on Youtube.

I’m still not convinced. We live in a time when we don’t have flux capacitors yet, but we do have photo-shop and the internet. It could be these pictures are of people who travelled from the future with new technology or they could be clever hoaxes. The charm and appeal of them is that we just don’t know for sure.

Whether you believe or not is subjective. If it was possible, clearly we would be the last to know about it. The last thing governments want is time tourists clogging up the system. Other conspiracy theories include governments trying to solve over population by planning a “Terra Nova” like plot and shipping surplus citizens to a prehistoric time line.

chrismediatingFor the time being- the likes of you and me are stuck using the Christopher Reeves method of time travel. I’m all for giving it a try. After all what is the worst that could happen? It could work, or if not, you could just fall asleep and have a really weird dream. If you are lucky enough to have it work, here are some tips:

1) Go forward first- The past is loud, smelly and dirty.

2) Don’t get killed or captured- Just remember what happened to Bruce Willis in “12 Monkeys”

3) Watch those pesky modern pennies- they will get you every time.

by Eden Langlands


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