TV Review: Defiance: Series One

defianceDefiance: Series One

June sees the première of Series Two of Defiance. If you are unfamiliar with show, as it only aired on the Syfy channel in the UK- then this is a chance to get to know the show.

The series starts off on a future earth, where the landscape has been forcibly Terra formed and altered by an alien species. The new earth is also inhabited by many alien Voltan races. The Castithians are almost silver in colour and very striking. They are aristocratic and have high hopes in politics. Being a very sly and ambitious species; this tends to suit them.

casthIrathients are all red and fiery. The tend to be farmers and more salt of the earth. Don’t ever cross one as they are fierce warriors as well.

Indogenes are hairless, reptilian, pale looking creatures. They usually have some kind of cybernetic implant to enhance them. They are methodical and clinical- without empathy.

Sensoth- Pretty much as you would picture their name. They are sloth like, with incredible strength- usually taken advantage of by the Casitithians.

There are some other species, but these are the most common.

irathThe series was created by Rockne S. O’Bannon of FarScape fame. Once you know that information you will see that there are so many similarities in the alien species.

The main premise of the show is how these species co-inhabit the town of Defiance. The Castithians are sort of the snobs of the show and have a stringent cast system. Datak Darr is the main Castithian who if he had his way would take over the running of Defiance from Mayor Rosewater. The Mayor has many allies in the shape of Nolan, Chef law keeper, Irissa, his Irath daughter, Kenya, her brothel keeping sister and Rafe, local mine owner.

Throughout the series, there are culture clashes and also a bit of a West Side Story arc. There are few good mysteries and kind of space western feel to it.

castilIt took me a few episodes to get into the series but once I was there, I was hooked. Series One ended on a cliff hanger so it isn’t too much longer to left now.

There is also a free MMORPG at that is worth checking out.

Verdict: Not the best Sci-fi show, but pretty darn good and worth the investment of time. I give it 3  out of  5 stars



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