Article: Star Trekking

startrekshipLong ago in a galaxy far away….or as I call it 1986. I discovered something so wonderful, it changed my life- and this is how it started:

Sunday was always my day with my father. So often he had to work Saturdays, that I hardly had time to see him some weeks, but Sunday’s were sacred. We would wake up early and watch repeats of Doctor Who and Star Trek together.

After breakfast we would go to a baseball card convention, if one was local. One day we saw signs advertising a special Star Trek convention; without a word being spoken between us, my father promptly bought two tickets.The day that would change my life finally arrived; dressed in my home-made blue science officer shirt, we set out to the Pennsylvania hotel in Manhattan.

After we did the tour of the stalls, which mostly consisted of multi coloured knitted Tom Baker Doctor Who scarves; we were herded into the conference hall.

There were a few speakers, production assistants on The Terminator film and the like, but the crowd was getting restless. I have to admit it was quite boring and you felt like they were just babbling on to fill time.

comicbook guyThen the house lights went down, a few Movie trailers were shown and a few disappointed people started to leave. Then the familiar theme music started and every one froze. It was the very first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and for forty three minutes- not a sound was made.

The house lights went up as the credits started to roll and I felt like I had a religious experience. I scanned the crowd to see if anyone else was a moved as I was. I do have to mention, the audience was predominately made up of middle aged men that looked like comic book guy in Spock ears. As I watched those grown men cry just from the sheer beauty of the show- my only thoughts were “These are my people” and “I am home”.

That day will always remain a very treasured memory of time spent with my father and I am so grateful that we shared such a pivotal movement in my life together.

From that day forward my fate was sealed as Trekkie and a geek.

Boldly going…nowhere- but loving the journey.


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